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    Do you have the feeling that your online presence is not what it has to be? Are you eager to develop your brand reputation and place your name next to the top enterprises of your industry? Our professional experience in social media development and management is the best advantage you are looking for. ProudLab can offer you extensive solution, expert approach and dedicated services for the most efficient social media campaign. We employ our team of seasoned SEO and marketing specialist to focus on the key factor for successful social media campaign and efficient brand reputation that will attract the necessary audience for your small, medium or large business needs. You can expect trustworthy social media management, extensive social media listening and monitoring, social media crisis management, online media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

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    At affordable price rate and high quality of service you can experience the best professional solution for your business. Improve your leads and sales, get the best of your website and social media account and enjoy the finest consultancy and advice from our top marketeers from the industry. We will help you become the most successful company in your niche. Let's take on a journey to success together.



    Social Media Management

    Determine social media strategy
    • Establish social media profiles & platforms
    • Community management
    • Contents strategy & marketing
    • Campaigns ideation and execution

    Social Media Listening & Monitoring

    Discover opportunities and understanding threats
    • Determine listening objectives
    • Monitor relevants keywords
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Competitors analysis
    • Lead generation
    • Social media analytics & insights reporting
    • Social media listening tool implementation & trainings

    Social Media Crisis Management

    Protecting against reputation damage
    • Pre-crisis preparation - laying foundations
    • Crisis prevention, readiness & radar

    • Crisis handling & monitoring
    • Post crisis review & recommendations
    • Simulations and trainings
    • Policy and framework

    Online Media Marketing

    Paid ads to boost outreach, optimisation and retargeting
    • Search engine marketing e.g Google Adwords
    • Social media ads e.g. Facebook & Twitter
    • Video marketing e.g. Youtube trueview
    • Solo ads
    • Mobile advertising
    • Influencers marketing

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Rank your website on top of competitors'
    • Backlink analysis
    • Define and plan target keywords
    • On-site SEO review
    • Off-site SEO recommendations
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